Total Joint Replacement Programs & Homecare Therapy

Participation in a total joint replacement program prior to and immediately after undergoing total joint replacement surgery has been proven to have an extremely positive effect on a patient’s results and recovery.  This is because a total joint replacement program will provide important education and treatment information to patients.  This can result in shorter recovery times and can reduce 6-month follow-up complications for any joint replacement surgery.

Total Joint Replacement Programs & Homecare Recovery TreatmentAt IDEAL Home Health Care, we can create customized total joint replacement programs for individuals who are preparing to undergo any type of total joint replacement surgery including hip, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, or elbow surgery.  Our complete total joint replacement programs include individualized consultation, evaluation, education, and treatment from skilled physical and occupational therapists.  These programs include home visits and treatment throughout the recovery process in order to maximize patient’s recovery after any total joint replacement surgery.

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What is a Total Joint Replacement Program?

The primary goal of a total joint replacement program is to help a patient recover and return to optimum function following any total joint replacement surgery.  The program should provide a combination of education and treatment in order to ensure that a patient understands the impact and recovery procedures necessary when recovering from total joint replacement surgery.  Whether it is surgery for the total replacement of a hip, knee, foot, ankle, shoulder, or elbow, each total joint replacement program should be personalized and tailored specifically to meet the needs of the individual patient.  A typical total joint replacement program will include homecare visits and treatment from occupational or physical therapists both before and after surgery.

When you trust your total joint replacement program to IDEAL Home Health Care, you will work with a multidisciplinary team of therapists and nurses who can provide the necessary education and information to a patient and their family members both before and after surgery.  Any total joint replacement program developed by IDEAL Home Health Care will include the following steps:

  • Step 1 – Initial Home Visit: During the initial stage in the total joint replacement program, a occupational therapist and physical therapist will perform a home visit by an prior to surgery.  The goal of this visit will be to assess your current physical condition and your home environment.
  • Step 2 – Education & Information: During this step, our therapists will provide important educational information to the patient and their caregiver on total joint replacement information.  This information may include recovery information and home safety tips.
  • Step 3 – Individualized Treatment Program: This is the key step where the individualized total joint replacement program is developed.  This phase will include a multidisciplinary team of occupational and physical therapists coordinating to determine the best treatment program.
  • Step 4 – Joint Replacement Rehabilitation: After the patient is discharged from inpatient care at the hospital, our physical and occupational therapists will provide actual recovery therapy and important education for patients on returning to daily living activities.  This step in the total joint replacement program will help individuals to return to their usual routine as soon as possible.

Develop your Total Joint Replacement Program

Total Joint Replacment Program | Homecare Therapy ServicesIf you would like to learn more about working with our therapists and nurses to develop your total joint replacement program, please contact us online.  Our therapists will work closely with you and coordinate with your physician prior to and after your surgery to ensure that you reach the optimal recovery following any total joint replacement surgery.